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Johnny Depp and his Social Anxiety Battle

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Johnny Depp and his Social Anxiety Battle

A lot of people think that celebrities don't have any problem with anxiety because they are constantly in the spotlight. Someone who has been in tons of movies and that does award shows with cameras all over certainly can't have anxiety, right? While it does take some fine tuning and time in order to master how to be a public figure, not all celebrities have it down perfectly. For example, Johnny Depp is one of the biggest celebrities today and he suffers from anxiety that affects his everyday life. Some people can see this while others cannot, simply because it certainly doesn't shine through in his films.

Anxiety on Television

While you certainly can't tell that Depp has anxiety while he's acting, it can be seen while he's doing interviews on various talk shows. At times he looks uncomfortable and even panicked just because he's in front of a crowd or all of the cameras. This affects the way he sits, the way he responds and even his facial expressions. There are numerous interviews you can find online that show his discomfort, which can come across and rudeness to some people. You can see that he gets shy and sometimes doesn't speak a lot when he's doing interviews, which are both signs of his disorder showing up.

There are many actors that suffer from anxiety and most of them do not show it when they act. This is thought to be the result of them being someone else when they are acting. For example, when acting in a movie they are being someone that is not themselves. This means they will talk different, say different things and even look different. When doing interviews and speaking as their true selves is when they become anxious and scared.

You'd never second guess Johnny having anxiety disorder if you watched one of his films. He can take on a broad range of characters and change the way he looks dramatically. This acting ability allows him to be free of his anxiety without having to worry about people seeing the way he really is. A lot of celebrities feel this same way, but unfortunately when they are off the big screen they turn to drugs or alcohol. This has led to a lot of deaths, which is what many people think happened with Heath Ledger.

Overcoming his Anxiety

Depp has access to therapists at all times, including on movie sets, to help talk to him and advise him on how to control anxiety when it strikes. These professionals can help him change his way of thinking so he is able to get through the day doing what he loves the most. While it is difficult for him to go out and do interviews; he is able to do it. He's not the best at being outgoing or friendly when he's in uncomfortable situations, but it's still able to try.

Johnny gets through countless media interviews, including those that are in front of hundreds of people. His ability to do this is something that anyone can appreciate, but especially those who suffer from anxiety themselves. Depp is a great role model for anxiety sufferers because of what he has been able to achieve and how he deals with his disorder on a regular basis. It isn't easy for him, but he does it and he is successful!

Can you Overcome your Anxiety?

If a celebrity like Johnny Depp, who has been in countless films and television shows, can control his anxiety, so can you. The biggest reason why he is successful is because he has learned how to manage his anxieties and and developed relaxation techniques for anxiety. It is apparent that he is uncomfortable when he is being himself, and that is okay. You don't have to be perfect and you don't have to put pressure on yourself.

A big part of overcome social anxiety or any other type of anxiety is playing out your fears. In addition to this, working with a therapist can help out quite a bit. Both of these things can work together to change the way you think and the way fears play a role in your life. Anxiety is something that can affect anyone, but it doesn't have to be something that takes over your life.