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David Bowie: Success with Anxiety

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David Bowie: Success with Anxiety

Did you know that many of your favorite singers suffer from anxiety? Although you may not realize that they do because of what you see on stage; their anxieties are very real and are often crippling to them. David Bowie even suffers from anxiety and extreme shyness. Although this hasn't prevented him from being a successful celebrity, it does affect his personal life. He's spoken out about this a few times, but generally avoids interviews because he has a hard time talking with people.

It's interesting to see how singers and other celebrities like him can become so successful. They are able to change their personalities while on stage and can become other people! This is a big reason why stage names and other personas are so common with singers.

How does David Bowie Deal with his Anxiety?

When you see David Bowie put on a performance you will think he's outgoing, fun, exciting and generally a flamboyant person. But, when Bowie is off of the stage it's a completely different story. When he's not pretending to be someone else, he has to deal with the shyness of being himself! Like many other celebrities and singers, Bowie uses his music and his stage to be someone else.

His shyness motivated him to be Ziggy Stardust and to explore a world where he wasn't afraid or panicking. He even appears on Broadway acting in small parts. When he is able to be someone else his concerns about being shy completely go away. He knows what he is going to do and say, but he also knows that he's free to be a different person. This gives him an outlet to be expressive and different from how he normally is every day.

Bowie's on-stage persona is one that has captured audiences for years. His success is a result of being able to entertain people of all ages while singing his heart out. He can put on an amazing show all while being interactive with the audience. Nobody would second guess that he would be extremely shy when meeting him in person. This is why a lot of fans are shocked to see what their favorite singers are really like in person. Meet and greets can really open up the eyes of fans so they can see just how shy and introverted many singers really are.

David deals with his anxiety by focusing on his work and being someone else when he is on stage. While he still does interviews as himself, you will notice that he is far different from the person you see on stage. He is quiet, not outgoing and has a shy way about how he acts. His ability to cope with his anxiety is an inspiration to anyone who wants to be successful and really explore all the sides they have. If you have any type of anxiety you should be able to express your personality instead of hide it!

What you can Learn from David Bowie

You don't have to set out a goal to be a huge singer or celebrity in order to deal with your anxiety. Instead, you should find something that takes your mind off of it. This could certainly be playing music, but it could also be golfing or creating crafts. There are tons of hobbies out there that can help you meet new people, learn how to be in social situations and allow you to deal with your anxiety in a healthy way.

You might also want to consider going to therapy on a regular basis. This is something that many people, including celebrities, do to help improve their coping skills. Whether you have extreme anxieties or those that are mild, you should seek help. Even if you're just shy like David Bowie you can become successful and motivate yourself to be better. The options for overcoming and controlling anxiety are endless when you're able to release your fears and focus on what is really important to you.

There is no rule that says you have to go out in front of hundreds of people or talk to everyone you see. How you choose to cope with your anxieties is completely up to you. David Bowie sings as a different person on stage, but when he goes home he's himself. Everyone has their own way of facing their issues and nobody has to be the same.