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Daniel Tosh Social Anxiety Sufferer? How he uses it to to Great Effect

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Daniel Tosh Social Anxiety Sufferer? How he uses it to to Great Effect

There are a lot of people in the world that deal with social anxiety on a daily basis. If you are one of them, it's important to know that you are not alone. Even celebrities deal with this and you probably don't even know who they are! For example, Daniel Tosh is someone who has learned how to overcome his social anxiety. He is now a world famous comedian and even has his own television show, which is wildly popular.

How did Daniel tosh overcome the anxiety while being famous?

1. He has been in a lot of interviews that ask this particular question. He says that he can connect to his audience by making a character that he uses while he is telling jokes. This allows him to be someone else for a while and interact without the anxiety getting to him.

2. The way that Daniel acts when he is in front of an audience is completely different from the way he acts at home. When he is performing in front of a crowd he is someone that can get away with just about any joke because of the way he presents himself. When he is at home with friends, he is much quieter and laid back in general. These differences show just how his personality changes when he is up on stage.

3. If you imagine being in his place, think about being up on stage in front of a camera or a large crowd. Instead of being yourself and acting the way you normally would, a new personality would be created. With Daniel this personality is raunchy, funny, loud and confident. This could be the same case with you if a new personality were created. Most people who know him personally say that he is totally different at home and not at all how he appears on stage.

4. There are a lot of celebrities that have social anxiety disorder. Most of them are people who perform in front of crowds and are outgoing. You probably don't even realize this because of how different they act while they are performing. They were able to completely change their lives because they were able to create different personalities that made them comfortable in certain situations.

How can everyday people do this same thing?

1. His job is one that many people do not have, so it can be hard for some people to understand. Although, some people who do have social anxiety can do this same thing. They can simply learn how to change how they think when they are around certain people. This should be limited, though, as it's still important to be yourself when around friends and family members.

2. Being out in social situations while maintaining a different personality can prove to be difficult at first. As it continues on, it will get a lot easier. This can even mean being able to interact with people in the future without feeling as anxious as before. If a celebrity who performs in front of millions on television can do it, so can everyday people!

3. Being able to act like someone else can make a huge difference with the levels of social anxiety that people feel. It can mean actually being able to go out in certain situations and have a good time. Not everyone can do this, but it is worth trying out.

4. If you want to try out a personality, do it! Go to a bar or a store and act like someone totally different from yourself. This will be a unique experience, so see how it feels. You never know, you might like the rush of talking to people in a way that isn't so personal to you. This could open up a lot of doors and make for new experiences to happen. Although having different personalities while you are being social is like a mask, it is a way you can get out there and meet new people. You can learn a lot from the experiences you have while out in social settings. Everything you learn can help you out when one day you are able to be yourself. This can just be a stepping stone that you use to feel more comfortable in different social settings.